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Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our vision is to spread Education and to provide opportunities to the students at this rural area at Uttar Dinajpur district to have quality teachers’ Training both in Secondary and Primary levels. Our major vision is to introduce more Programmes and to establish a integrated B.Ed and D.El.Ed course in our college.

Our mission is to make this College a Quality Teachers’ Training institution so that the passed out students at this College can impart man making and nation building education to the students in their respective work places.


Objectives of the College are:

  1. To prepare in an individual to meet the challenges at the life.
  2. To develop an understanding at the principles at pedagogy and its application to curriculum transaction and evaluation.
  3. To bring professionalism in teacher education by improving upon teaching practices in the surrounding area.
  4. To inspire for life-long learning and for reaching the unreached.
  5. To provide for leadership skills among the nation builders of tomorrow.
  6. To provide an environment to train teachers who are qualitatively superior and morally upright.
  7. To develop skills among the trainees in order to integrate with existing education system with case.
  8. To develop reflective practitioners at teaching learning process.
  9. Acquiring the philosophy at developing human resources with an ethical and value based mind set at sustainable development.
  10. Achieving a modernised and dynamic outlook along with the golden tradition and cultural heritage at our country.